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Empowering Place Branding

We have a very clear objective, to empower place brand development and implementation teams in Nation, Region and City branding and marketing teams in the hospitality, tourism, and travel sectors, with the skills they need to help bring their place brand vision to life.

Our courses are built with the perfect blend of theory and practice in mind; guided by the norms and structures of the UK Higher Education system, and providing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certification, we offer pedagogical excellence, informed by years of practical application.

Our Programs

Learning and skills training

Wide Range of Topics: Our curriculum covers every aspect of Place Branding, ensuring you're equipped to execute brand strategy across diverse touchpoints. We focus on three main areas:

Place Brand Initiation

Elevate your brand's foundation with our specialized program designed for leaders and stakeholders, setting the stage for a successful place brand strategy.

Place Brand Set-Up

Streamline your brand's final development phase with our tailored guidance on structure, funding, and staffing, ensuring a smooth transition from strategy to implementation.

Place Brand Escalation

Ready to launch your brand? Our focused program equips operational teams and 'Brand Operators' with the skills to enact and amplify your place brand on a grand scale.

Engage with our comprehensive curriculum designed for every stage of your Place Branding journey.

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